Soft as a Petal (30 Minute)$65

Indulge in a blissful 30-minute facial for those seeking tranquility in a limited timeframe, longing for skin as soft and delicate as a petal. Unwind with a soothing double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, revitalizing mask, and a pampering hand and arm massage, followed by a luxurious serum application and moisturizer to envelop you.

Signature Bespoke Facial (60 Minute)$100

A facial experience designed to cater to your unique skin requirements. Immerse yourself in tranquility as you enjoy a calming double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, mask, and a soothing hand and arm massage, followed by a blissful facial massage and the application of rejuvenating serum and moisturizer. Delight in the luxurious comfort of Dermatonics facemasks infused with Australian antioxidants and pure natural extracts, ensuring a peaceful and rejuvenating escape for your skin.

Boost Your Facial
Bespoke Skin Booster – Booster selected to treat your skin concerns
(only suitable for Bespoke facials above)
Scalp Massage – A luxurious scalp massage to melt away tension $30
Gua Sha face + décolletage massage$30
Rejuvenating Foot Treatment –$30
Targeted Facials (70 Minute)
Radiant Rose $120

Experience a tranquil targeted facial for pigmentation concerns including Melasma, age spots, and uneven complexion. Indulge in this brightening facial treatment, enriched with potent actives to diminish pigmentation, enhance natural antioxidants, and prevent future discoloration. This essential addition to your Dermatonics skincare routine includes a serene double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, brightening mask, scalp massage, soothing facial massage, and the application of revitalizing serums and moisturizer. Embrace relaxation as you unveil radiant, even-toned skin with this rejuvenating experience.

Calm + Restore$120

A tailored facial experience crafted to soothe and calm sensitive or mildly inflamed skin. Enriched with gentle actives to repair the skin barrier, hydrate, boost natural antioxidants, and reduce inflammation. Ideal for those with rosacea or eczema prone skin, or anyone seeking relief from common skin sensitivities. Enjoy a calming double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, calm + repair mask, scalp massage, soothing Gua Sha facial massage, and the application of revitalizing serum and moisturizer in this relaxing and rejuvenating facial treatment.